Keto not keto

Here’s an update on my keto trial that I started last December.

All was well until I tried to add some bodyfat to make changes to my body between 2 competitions. To stay on keto I increased the dairy which then flared up the rheumatoid arthritis disease that I have had since I was 30. I had no choice but to drop back on the dairy and add carbs in for a good month.

I succeeded in putting on 3 kilos but definitely did not feel well, not like I was feeling on the keto.

Straight after the second competition I had to rush Eva to Wellington hospital. Living on the hospital ward made it very hard to get back on 100% keto . As the days went by I started to fall sick . By the time we made it back to New Plymouth I was well and truly stuffed up. Sick as a dog , rheumatoid pain on an all time high and energy levels maxed out.

It has now been a month of being very unwell, pretty much burnt out emotionally and physically. This has made it very difficult to do keto. The keto diet takes a lot of prepping and you really do need your fridge full of the right foods. Most of the time I have no appetite and when I do feel like eating , bacon and eggs cooked in butter really does not go down well.

My keto effort is probably about 60/40. I find it fascinating how shit I feel now and really can’t believe how I have done a complete 180 into this f#@ked up body. Because I am fighting off either an infection of some kind or a viral bug, I can not take the rheumatoid medicine , as the major side affect of this medication is that it grows infection fast.

With high pain comes huge fatigue and this added to a sickness has kicked my ass and ruined my keto lifestyle.

I am a firm believer in listening to your body but this is hard strategy to use when you feel like ” death warmed up”.

I have just peeled myself off the coach and made myself do some keto prep. Each morning I hope to awaken to a brand new healthy day so I can get this messed up body back on track.

The one thing we all have is a choice.

We can choose to give up or We can choose to keep trying. I seem to be a sucker for the latter.

So Keto or not keto? I believe it works well and the body does lean out. I think when I get back on track I will do keto for a month or so and then add in some good carbs and re-feed days . Until that happens I am curling back on to the couch….if I can fit


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