Coffee 😍

What is it about coffee that gets me up in the morning? Why do I feel so awake after a few simple sips?

I use to overdose on caffeine. At one stage I was labelled the Caffeine Queen. On awakening back then I would walk like a zombie to my coffee machine and brew up an extremely strong concoction. It was normal to have 6-8 mugs of this magic before lunch. Heart palpitations were worth it as I powered through my days activities.

Stays away from home needed careful planning. I would either pack my coffee machine or make sure I was staying extremely close to a cafe. Hospital stays with my children were the hardest. One childrens hospital had a kitchen to make your own instant (not at all happening, the instant tastes so bad). Recently staying in our Capital city’s Children Hospital and to my horror NO Hot drinks allowed on the ward at all.

I am extremely lucky I had changed my coffee addict ways by this time as now I can survive a week without one….just!

So what changed?

I can’t actually remember. I went from using my coffee machine 😍 to using filtered coffee mainly because it was faster. I am still fussy with the brand of coffee I use but I now only have 2 mugs of magic a day.

I still love my coffee each morning. I get out of bed first before any other human. I sit quietly and slowly sip my potion. It wakes me up gently by working it’s way through my body. The warmth slowly flowing down my throat. I make it just right……it has to be just right! Not weak but not overly strong and it has to be smooth. No milk, no sugar , just coffee.

As I sit here on the second day of winter slowly enjoying my mug of pleasure, I think I have worked out why I need it.

You see I live in New Zealand. New Zealand is one of the first countries in the World to see in a new day. I see the sunrise on each and every day before most of the world. I experience each New Year before most of the world, each Christmas Day while most of you sleep.

Our famous New Zealand Rugby team “The All blacks” are so phenomenal because they are a day ahead of the rest of the World (plus I pretty sure they drink coffee)

To have to lead the world into each brand new day sure takes some stamina. Add to that being a Parent (the hardest and most rewarding job on the planet) well it is now obvious why I need my mug of magic ..

It is because I live in the future 😉


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